Welcome to the EarWell™ Parent Page

Since you have found your way here, there’s a good chance you are a mom or dad (grandparent, relative or friend) searching for answers about your newborn child’s ears. You may have been looking at those ears and feeling that they don’t seem quite right and wondering if there may be something wrong.

Whether we are the first stop in your journey of discovery or if you have found us through a lengthy Web search, we will do our best to help you find your way.

EarWell is truly a remarkable product that may be the answer that you are seeking. It is everything that you have heard, seen or read about it. It corrects ear deformities in infants non-surgically, painlessly, and it does it consistently well. If your baby has an ear deformity and is young enough to qualify for EarWell treatment, we can help.

We hear from parents every day from around the globe looking for a solution to their child’s ear deformity. Reluctantly, we turn many of them away. EarWell is designed to be highly effective on infants less than three weeks of age. It has been successful on children slightly older but favorable results diminish with each passing day.

If you are wondering about your baby’s ears, we recommend that you act now. Find an EarWell physician near you by clicking on the U.S. Physician Locator Map or call our office. Pediatricians often suggest a "wait-and see" approach, but even a short delay may place your child "outside the window" of EarWell's therapeutic capability.

There is much information and videos on this Web site. There are personal stories from doctors, parents and also parents who are doctors tell of their personal experience with EarWell. There is information on the product and answers to many of the questions that you have been asking. A good place to begin, however, is with some facts about ear deformities that you should consider even before proceeding:


  •    •   Many babies are born with ear deformities (15% to 29%
              of all babies).

  •    •   The vast majority will not improve (70% +) and may get
              worse over time.

  •    •   No one can predict which will get better and which will get worse.

  •    •   Children with ear deformities do suffer teasing, taunting
              and bullying.


  •    •   EarWell must be applied early in a child’s life (optimum is
              less than 3 weeks).The earlier the better.

  •    •   EarWell has successfully corrected thousands of baby ears
              with very few failures.

  •    •   EarWell is safe, tested, pain-free AND it works.

The EarWell™ procedure is completed in just minutes, right in your doctor’s office. After 4-6 weeks, the ears will be shaped normally.

When nature surprises, you can still give your child the gift of a lifetime of beautiful ears.

Ask your physician about EarWell™ today.